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N00b [I'll never do that again... for 2 reasons]

Anyway, I'm Brianne and a friend turned me on to AA.com around August/September. But my roomie and I check it quite often and have watched all the episodes [or is that a bad term], even for the movies I haven't really seen [i.e.: Pulp Fiction].

I am also into making icons [stills; I don't have an animation program... anymore] and was wondering if anyone here would like me to make icons using screenshots of AA.com "episodes"...?

Of course credit would be given to Jennifer, but ya know that's a given.

So, any takers?

Oh, and my fave is probably The Exorcist or Jaws [which my roomie and I just watched tonight and found the AA version to be a very good one lol]

Okay, yeah. See ya around!

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