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heeere's johnny!

Hey people! idk how often this is updated, but I figure i'd make a new member post anyway.

So yeah, my name is Lauren and I was first introduced to the Bunnys through my videography teacher. He thought it'd be a fun idea to make live-action versions of the cartoons. I thought it was a good idea too, but that never really ended up happening. (sad, sad) But I still really enjoy them. My favourite one is probably the Star Wars one and The Shining one, but I like all of the rest pretty equally. (third place is Superman

I have a question about bonus features. I've seen the Time Warp in the RHPS 'toon but where are the rest? 

Hah, well I hope I can contribute to this community and perhaps share some icons i've made of the Bunny Movies. 

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