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Angry Alien Productions

Brought to you by Jennifer Shiman!

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Jennifer Shiman's Angry Alien Productions starring the 30-second Bunnies!
This community celebrates the wonderful talent that is Jennifer Shiman-the creater of the the 30-second Bunnie movies and Mastermind behind Angry Alien Productions. Here we can talk about our favorite bunnies cartoons, discuss hidden bonus features, and talk about what movie Jennifer should parody next (with the help of the bunnies, of course!). If you are new to Angry Alien and want to see what all the fuss is about, or if you can remember back to the day when the Exocist was was her only cartoon (I can!), please join our community and celebrate the fun. In 30 seconds or less. Hurry!

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All images and content of the Angry Alien website created by Jennifer Shiman. Not me. Just felt I should add that.